Greenmajii is a new sustainable and CO2 neutral growing medium for indoor and outdoor plants.

Greenmajii, like sphagnum, has good absorbent qualities and can be produced in the pH ranges required by the plant, including the popular acidic values for, for example, rhododendrons.

Does your garden need a helping hand?

Your garden is a place where a little work goes a long way. Everyday stress and strife dissipate, and with small interventions, creative impulses, and the right tools, you can create your own little universe. 

Give your plants the right nutrition
Both new and old plants benefit from a little extra attention; for example, with the help of growing mediums such as compost, peat and Greenmajii, so that they can thrive and grow.

Greenmajii is exactly what can help your flowers, bushes, trees and lawn reach their full growth potential.


Greenmajii – a new sustainable growth medium

The best-known growing medium is probably sphagnum, which, though unsustainable, is widely used in European gardens. Greenmajii, however, is a totally new product on the market, whose starting point is based on sustainability, low CO2 emissions and locally sourced raw materials – particularly neglected agricultural bio-waste.


What is Greenmajii?

Greenmajii is a growth medium

A growth medium is a substance or a blend which provides the best possible circumstances for plant roots so that they have optimal access to oxygen, water and nutrients. 

One of the best possible growth mediums for the garden is currently sphagnum.
Plante i Greenmajii


Materials for Greenmajii

Ingefær muld til Greenmajii
Ingefær fibre under mikroskop

Analysis and Quality Assurance

Imajii coorporate wit SHIMADZU

Imajii has an arrangement with the Japanese company Shimadzu, who have made available their IRSpirit FTIR award winning spectrophotometers, and so continually ensure the quality of Greenmajii.


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